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To better meet your expectations and your needs, we have several categories of management and or preparations, called "Internships". For some vehicles, several courses are possible.


Below is a description of each development.

  • Stage 1: Cartography.

Stage 1 is a tailor-made reprogramming carried out on a power bench, without changing any mechanical parts. This management adapted to your vehicle is designed so that the engine parameters (injection, turbo pressure, ignition, etc.) remain within the standards prescribed by the manufacturer in order to maintain mechanical reliability. This Stage is therefore 100% reliable without weakening the engine in its lifespan. Knowing that currently many electronic manufacturer voluntarily restricts the power and the torque of the mechanics to offer it at prices higher than the catalog. Thus with our Stage 1 your driving pleasure becomes more pleasant and in many cases a reduction in fuel consumption.


  • Stage 2: Cartography + parts around the engine (exhaust, intake).

For those who want more power and torque than that gained with Stage 1, we offer Stage 2, which allows the engine to operate optimally, by replacing certain elements external to the engine. This course allows you to improve the air intake with a performance filter or the replacement of the air box so that it breathes better. For the part of the exhaust gases, we propose to improve its evacuation so that the engine works better. Info: It is perfectly necessary on certain mechanics to reinforce the clutch in order to support the gains in torque.

  • Stage 3 Mapping + St2 + external engine parts.

This one offers you to go even further, by changing other parts external to the engine. Like certain vital parts or the turbo. The modifications carried out can be the increase in the arrival of carburation (pump, injector and others) and turbocharger offering a larger volume of air with exchanger and others. Contrary to what one might think, this Stage 3 does not always have a negative influence on the lifespan of certain mechanisms if it is maintained according to the rules of the art and regularly like any improved performance. For information, manufacturers sometimes develop a single basic engine and in the background several power developments by simply changing the turbo, the injectors and others. Therefore, if we have the reduced engine, we can then easily improve it as a background for the manufacturers without harming the reliability of the mechanics.

  • Stage 4: Mapping + St2 + St3 + internal engine and turbo parts.

On this evolution, we often speak of pure and simple engine preparation. At this level, there are several possible interventions depending on the mechanism in question and your expectations.

Either by replacing certain internal parts such as installing a camshaft kit, lightweight mechanical parts, forged parts, etc., all of which can withstand an even greater volume of air. Either to go even further, increase the cylinder capacity and the diameter of the valves, resize different mechanical parts carrying a flange to it and much more...

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